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Low Budget Private Transportation and Tours while
Layover in Colon Cruise Port and Panama Cruise Port!!

Passing through Panama? See Panama during your waiting time!


Leave the Cruise Ship Port Terminal, See the Sights!

No matter how long or short your stay, we will see that you experience the extraordinary.


Gonzalo Horna G. driver/guideWith Gonzalo, Panama On Wheels offer fast and affordable transportation to the city of Panama from Colon Cruise Port (2000) and Panama Cruise Port (Amador) they serve to the best places for an port terminal adventure. Travelers can easily contactGonzalo for private transportation from port to the city center and spend a half or full day touring depending on your cruiseship schedule.


Spend your waiting time seeing the best sights of Panama. We come pick you up, any time, show you a good time with one of our many private tours and drop you of ahead of your scheduled departure time. This a 3 1/2 – 6 1/2 hour tour you can fit to your departure time.

Here some tour options tour options:


Panama City, Panama Canal, Embera Indian Village, Monkey Island and more…

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